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Secret Santa for Tr1nsk1e by InvisibleDorkette Secret Santa for Tr1nsk1e :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 3 4 A Cold Winter Night by InvisibleDorkette A Cold Winter Night :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 3 3 Secret Santa for Twilightzonegirl13 by InvisibleDorkette Secret Santa for Twilightzonegirl13 :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 6 7
Fairy Godmother's Day
       Maleficent stood at the base of an old, mangled tree whose branches reached towards the sky. She stared off into the distance, remembering warm days during her childhood spent in this very tree. The ancient tree had an elegance to it; it stood in the same place no matter what happened to it. Even though the earth was crumbling away, leaving it on a cliff, there it stood. Maleficent found herself wishing that she had been as strong as her childhood home.
    "Fairy godmother!" Maleficent was startled as someone tackled her into a hug from behind.
    "Watch the wings, Beastie," Maleficent scolded, but her soft smile took the bite out of her words.
    "What were you doing?" Aurora asked. She wasn't the little girl Maleficent remembered her to be; it had been a few years since she'd been crowned Queen of the Moors as well as the human lands. In fact, just last summer she married her
:iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 4 6
DMA Aladdin Application by InvisibleDorkette DMA Aladdin Application :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 1 8
Linked (A Big Four Fan Fiction) Chp. 23
    "We're all going to laugh about this someday," I began my speech to my attentive audience at the table. I tried to copy my mother's mannerisms: calm, soothing voice, intelligent word choice, and a dignified posture. However, on the inside, my thoughts were all Merida. 
    What should I tell them? "Well I was captured by a giant furry creature, stuffed in a sack and sent to the North Pole where I met Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and the Tooth Fairy, and learned that the Goddess of Chaos is going to destroy the world. Oh, and Hiccup, some girl with super long hair, a boy you can't even see, and I are the world's only hope." Yeah, that'll go over well. I'll just tell them that and see how long it takes for them to laugh me out of Dunbroch.
My mother was waiting for me to continue with raised eyebrows. At the other end of the table, my dad was also waiting for me to continue, but with a hesitant grin on his face. I
:iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 1 10
Older! Amber and Sofia by InvisibleDorkette Older! Amber and Sofia :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 3 12
The Big Four and the Bear Incident (Hogwarts AU)

    A young boy riding on a black dragon. The same boy, only older, lying on a hospital bed. Golden flowers and hair. Ice. His own face, only different. A girl with flames for hair. Screams. Dark hooded creatures.
    I jolted awake, sweating and panting. The night still twinkled outside my window, but I  knew that just like so many other nights, this one wouldn't end with me asleep in my bed. Fragments of my dream flash before my eyes as I try to calm my beating heart.
    "Jack?" A small voice spoke as my door creaked open. "Did you have a bad dream again?" I reached over to my nightstand and flipped on the lamp. Immediately, I shielded my eyes from the bright light. 
    "No, Emma," I grumbled, rubbing my eyes.  
    "Yes you did," Emma, my little sister, chirped. Emma climbed up onto my bed and wrapped her small arms a
:iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 1 19
Evil Aladdin by InvisibleDorkette Evil Aladdin :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 1 2 Mozenrath by InvisibleDorkette Mozenrath :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 1 2 Elfriede by InvisibleDorkette Elfriede :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 1 2 Bushroot by InvisibleDorkette Bushroot :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 1 2 Sally Finklestein for VanessaSwann13 by InvisibleDorkette Sally Finklestein for VanessaSwann13 :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 3 9 Ribbons and Bows (Belle Redesign) by InvisibleDorkette Ribbons and Bows (Belle Redesign) :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 2 3 Rapunzel for CitrusMoonFlower by InvisibleDorkette Rapunzel for CitrusMoonFlower :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 4 10 Dirt and Grime (Merida Steampunk) by InvisibleDorkette Dirt and Grime (Merida Steampunk) :iconinvisibledorkette:InvisibleDorkette 2 8


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Fourteen years of existence marks a period of growth, change, and introspection — an era of creativity and emotion that leads to long-term personal and artistic development. As we celebrate deviantART's 14th birthday, we want to thank all of you for joining in on the journey of growth and development, from the deviants who have been here from the start to the deviants who are starting out their deviantART experience today.
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:iconheidi:Heidi 2,375 36,563
May Contest Result!
Here are the results for the May's Princess of The Month Contest results!
(P.s. I just got off work I'm sleepy, I'll dole out prizes either tomorrow after work or Thursday :)  )
First Place:
by :iconblossom525:
by :iconmimiclothing:
Second Place:
by :iconhummingbird26:
by :iconkuabci:
Third Place
by :iconvalloria:
by :icondonutseed:
by :iconnanako87:
Horable Mentions
by Avvangarda
by DitaDiPolvere
by Orbria
Thanks  to Everyone for entering! The entries were all lovely! :love:
Check out the rest of the entries here...
And big thanks for our prize donations from...
:iconsazame-kusaka: and her group :iconlall-things-disneyl:
Ya'll rock!!!!
:iconall-disney-princess:All-Disney-Princess 2 8
I Am Here For You by Blossom525 I Am Here For You :iconblossom525:Blossom525 267 41 Disney University  Faline by Hyung86 Disney University Faline :iconhyung86:Hyung86 893 50 SP 2 - Breath by Qinni SP 2 - Breath :iconqinni:Qinni 6,108 0 A Mermaid's Wish by Qinni A Mermaid's Wish :iconqinni:Qinni 19,325 655 Music can both break... by Qinni Music can both break... :iconqinni:Qinni 21,045 801 Mermaid in the pond by Qinni Mermaid in the pond :iconqinni:Qinni 4,231 0 Brave and Honorable by salemcattish Brave and Honorable :iconsalemcattish:salemcattish 11 10 Kiss Goodnight by songofafreeheart Kiss Goodnight :iconsongofafreeheart:songofafreeheart 21 7
February Princess of The Month!
Hello Everyone! The princess of the month for February is....

:bulletred: Rules :bulletred:
:bulletblue: Any Mulan themed art will be accepted
:bulletblue: If you use something that does not belong you to (ex. doll base) please credit the creator
:bulletblue: One entry per person
:bulletblue: Please link back to the contest or group in your description
:bulletblue: Submit your entry to the 'Princess of The Month' folder in the gallery which can be found here:
:bulletblue: if your work is already in one of our galleries please remove it from that folder and place it in the   Princess of The Month Folder if you can't or have trouble doing so please link me msbrit90 to the piece and I'll fix it
:bulletblue: All Entries must be in by February 28th  entries will be judged and winners announced February 29th
1st Prize
:bulletyellow: Mont
:iconall-disney-princess:All-Disney-Princess 6 18
Feature #14: Mareishon's Disney Couples
Hello, everybody! It's time for our 14th feature, and the CHOSEN ONE is.....
:iconmareishon: Mareishon! :happybounce: :clap: :la:
She is an amazing digital artist with superb skills. Her drawing, coloring, and shading are really awesome! She has a great eye for details and paints beautiful backgrounds as well. I love her Disney drawings and Tolkien drawings, but this time I select her Disney Couples series to be featured here. :D
Because Disney Princess couples are too mainstream, I just feature her non-Disney-Princess couples. Show some love to underrated couples, guys! :D

Pongo and Perdita by Mareishon Tod and Vixey by Mareishon
Woody and Bo Peep by Mareishon Mike and Celia by Mareishon Jack and Sally by Mareishon
Bambi and Faline by Mareishon Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tessel by Mareishon Simba and Nala by Mareishon
Please go check her gallery to see more of her artworks:
:iconafter-ever-after:After-Ever-After 3 6
Academy of Heroes: Prologue
Disclaimer: I don't own anything besides the plot.
Journal Date: October 18th, 2014
Walt Dream Academy.
Created to be a boarding school for children with above average talents, or for those few students who needed a bigger challenge. Built on an island several miles outside of San Fransokyo, it was paid for by reclusive multi-trillionaire Walt Dream Yensid. (Spell Yensid backwards.)
At least, to the knowledge of the public.
However, that was not its true purpose.
Walt Yensid was no ordinary man. Underneath his expensive three-piece suits, was a man who had lived for centuries, aided by magic.
For Walton Yensid was truly Yensid the great, the greatest sorcerer who had ever existed. A man whose magic had helped to keep the world in balance and prevent the rise of dark evils.
Seeing that the world was changing and that his magic may not be able to contend with the new sciences of the early and modern eras, he decided to create this school not only to teach, but also
:iconrasenganlucario:RasenganLucario 7 23
December 'Princess' of The Month Contest
Ok so I had planed on doing another Star Wars lady this month, but...I just can't resist a christmas contest, I'm sry. So this month 'Princess of The Month' contest will be....
Christmas Princess!

Any Disney Princess or Disney Lady who has a folder in the gallery will be accepted as long as it is christmas clothes/colors, christmas/winter theme, ect...
:bulletred: Rules :bulletred:
:bulletblue: Any character with a gallery folder will be accepted, can be alone or in a group
:bulletblue: If you use something that does not belong you to (ex. doll base) please credit the creator
:bulletblue: One entry per person
:bulletblue: Please link back to the contest or group in your description
:bulletblue: Submit your entry to the 'Princess of The Month' folder in the gallery which can be found here:
:bulletblue: if your work is already in one of our galleries pleas
:iconall-disney-princess:All-Disney-Princess 8 14
Disney University - Eric and Christen by Hyung86 Disney University - Eric and Christen :iconhyung86:Hyung86 1,237 49 The Tale of the Night Fury: Hiro by Ally-the-Fox-20 The Tale of the Night Fury: Hiro :iconally-the-fox-20:Ally-the-Fox-20 22 7


by Trezce

I absolutely love this. You've captured Rapunzel perfectly, and I adore her expression. I love how you altered the design of her bodice...

Looking at some of your other works, I see that you aren't a bad artist; in fact, you are very talented. As said by some other critics,...

This tag is slightly juvenile, but I like it and its fun.

Copied/stolen from RasenganLucario 

Respond to this journal with a comment and I will:
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page
2. Tell you a color you remind me of
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to.
4. Tell you which one of your OC's is my favorite
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art
7. Give you a nickname
8. Tell you what am I doing right now
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful day!



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Well, I've always been a reader and writer, but recently, some of my friends have interested me in Manga/Anime drawings. After a long time of deliberation (okay not that long) I decided to join DA. So here I am! Anyways, I'm really a writer and a poet, so I'm hoping to grow as an artist. I'll upload random stuff, so be prepared. My goal is to draw many pictures to get a lot of practice so I can get better. I'm mostly self-taught, so have patience with my progress please. I've already seen some improvement.


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Hey, I thought you should know that I'm giving you permission to continue using my OC. A certain red haired and red eyed Guardian that's the brother of our favorite dragon trainer. ^^
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sorry i know i'm not very good, i tried a couple times and this was the best i could do. i really hope you like it…
i submitted it to future disney artists but they didn't accept it
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Hey I.D.!
Got the prologue up for my new story.…
What do you think?
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